Non Emergency Patient Transport Bookings



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Service Fees


Once you have submitted an on-line booking request, our transport coordinator will able to provide you with an estimate for each medical transfer.

Fees are charged per patient, per lift. Return trips are charged as a separate transport.

Long haul transfers involving travel times of greater than 3 hours each way (maximum of 5 hours and subject to patient suitability for long trips), or commencing after 6pm for distances of greater than 300km each way, may incur an overnight stay for crews safety.


Aeromedical : Email for an estimate on medical air transfers.


Bariatric Transfers - will be available from January 2018 for patients up to 150kg  - for further details enquire at [email protected]


HOLDING / WAITING TIMES - where crews are delayed at the pick-up point or drop off point, for longer than 15 minutes holding/waiting times are extended waiting impacts on our services.

Government fees and charges, Tollways etc are billed direct .at cost recovery.


Service fees will be invoiced to the client. Invoices are Strictly payable at time of invoicing.